Aspiring Professional?

Join The Reveal Modern Team.


A vital management position within Reveal Modern. Our supervisors have several responsibilities. They need to have vast skills and knowledge of marketing and social media development, as well as the ability to successfully supervise a team of interns. Supervisors will be in charge of approving social media content calendars and reporting.


Our Digital Media Supervisors are the backbone to our Advertising crew. They need to have an extensive understanding of Digital Advertising on every major platform.Working with multiple partners and media strategists, our Digital Media Supervisors lead teams of media buyers, researchers, and coordinators. Media supervisors help develop the overall media messaging of a company, and work to craft and monitor media campaigns, as well as the ability to successfully supervise a team of interns. Supervisors will be in charge of activating Advertising campaigns and optimization.


Enjoy using your creative know-how and tech knowledge to build beautiful websites? We do too! We're looking for competent web developers with extensive knowledge in HTML code and web design. Web Developers will be used for complete website builds as well as website maintenance tasks. You will work closely with our Account Coordinators to implement Reveal Modern's digital pipeline.


If you're an aspiring creative this is the position for you. As an intern, you will be trained under one of our professional coders. Members of our Web Development team are fluent in Java, HTML, C#, & C++. We will teach you valuable coding knowledge as well as Landing Page Design, SEO, and Cyber Security.


Our marketing interns work closely with our Digital Marketing Supervisors to learn the ins and outs of maintaining healthy client-agency relationships and using the online world to propel businesses forward. This position is perfect for candidates who are interested in soaking up as much knowledge about the marketing world as possible.


Implementing an effective digital media strategy is an essential component of Reveal Modern's overall work with clients. As a digital media intern, you will learn how to effectively use online ad platforms to create high converting campaigns that generate amazing results for clients.


This internship is perfect for young professionals in High School wanting to learn a little bit of everything. You will learn basic HTML coding, the process of implementing successful digital ad campaigns, curating social media content, and beginner skills in Adobe products such as Photoshop. This internship is a great starting point to work your way into a role that is perfect for you.