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Director of Digital Marketing

The Director of Digital Marketing is responsible for carrying out all aspects of online marketing through a range of different digital media. Collate and report back monthly on performance statistics for all digital communications across all channels, using these statistics to influence future digital activity. They need to have vast skills and knowledge of digital/traditional marketing and social media development, as well as the ability to successfully supervise a team.

Digital Marketer

Digital Marketers will be in charge of split-testing and creating content for ad platforms, such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads Manager. They communicate directly with the Director of Digital Marketing to create campaigns based on strategic objectives.

Digital Marketing Intern

Our marketing interns work closely with our Digital Marketing Team to learn the ins and outs of maintaining healthy client-agency relationships and using the online world to propel businesses forward. This position is perfect for candidates who are interested in soaking up as much knowledge about the digital marketing world as possible.

Director of Social Media Management

The Director of Social Media Management administers the client’s social media marketing and advertising. Administration includes deliberate planning and goal setting, development of brand awareness and online reputation, and content management. Finally, they administer the creation and publishing of relevant, original, high-quality content. Director's need to have stellar organizational and leadership skills.

Social Media Strategist

The Social Media Strategist is directly in charge of the creation and scheduling of client content on relevant platforms. They will also work to grow follower counts on social media platforms based on campaign objectives set by the Director of Social Media Management. This position covers the majority of our organic growth-hacking talent.

Social Media Strategist Intern

Implementing an effective social media strategy is an essential component of Reveal Modern's overall work with clients. As a social media intern, you will learn how to effectively use online ad platforms to create high converting campaigns that generate amazing results for clients.

Director of Data Analysis

Responsible for leading comprehensive data analysis and understanding client requirements in order to bolster the effectiveness and profitability of Reveal Modern and its clientele. A Director of Data Analysis has a heavy background in business finance, data analysis, and the internal operations of Reveal Modern.

Data Analyst

Responsible for performing comprehensive data analysis, using reports to dive deep into data and optimize data effectiveness, and standardize reporting parameters. The Data Analyst also is responsible for the SEO/SEM pipeline integration alongside the Web Developers and Designers to include all necessary information.

Data Analyst Intern

Upon learning in-depth competitive analysis of the web, the Data Analyst Interns help track ad campaigns, website analytics, and bring a degree of fluidity through intentional analysis as dictated by the Director. If you are good with numbers and want to learn how to use the data to increase ROI, this is the internship for you.

Director of Creative

The Director of Creative is in charge of overseeing the creative process alongside the Directors of Web Development, Digital Marketing, and Social Media Management. They help brainstorm new ideas to heighten promotion efforts on all three fronts. Further, they oversee Web Designers, Graphic Artists, and Copywriters in the development of branding materials.

Web Designer

Web Designers are in charge of the creation of frontend design work such as landing pages and CMS (WordPress, Squarespace, Wix) websites. They assist the Web Development Team through the drafting of website mockups, completion of frontend design, and facilitate web management.

Web Designer Intern

Web Designer Interns are individuals with a creative mindset that want to further their understanding of the art of design and frontend website development. If you are artistically-driven, this is the internship for you.

Director of Web Development

The Director of Web Development communicates with Director of Operations to understand the client’s business model and goals to help define strategy, content, and features for the design of their websites. They also develop detailed user interface documents, mock-ups, and prototypes in conjunction with the Creative Director to provide a greatly enhanced and usable website. Finally, they are in charge of identifying complex problems, troubleshooting them, and providing solutions to assist clients. These Directors must have a vast understanding of multiple languages of code, CMS', and backend/frontend development.


A webmaster is responsible for many processes. This title refers to one with an extensive palette of skills in relevance to web development. The webmaster is responsible for working alongside the Director of Web Development to troubleshoot advanced problems in software and web development. They are the backbone of the coding talent within Reveal Modern.

Web Developer

Developers confer with the data analyst to review tracker analytics and optimize on a weekly basis, ensuring that client’s websites are meeting the appropriate standards for webspeed load times, mobile optimization, and proper cybersecurity. They will also oversee the constant upkeep of software and analytical trackers on client websites.

Web Development Intern

If you're an aspiring web developer this is the position for you. As an intern, you will be trained by one of our professional coders. Members of our Web Development team have extensive knowledge in 9 different languages of code. We will teach you valuable coding knowledge as well as backend and basic frontend design, SEO practices, and cybersecurity.