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It is what every business in this day and age needs to be in order to remain relevant. Through our expertise and refined approach, we are revolutionizing the way companies conquer the online world. Reveal Modern uses our forward thinking data-driven strategy to maximize our client’s business potential to create mutually beneficial partnerships. Building brands both digitally and physically, we ensure that our clients are using the latest techniques to succeed in a turbulent fast paced environment. Reveal Modern was incorporated June 28th, 2017 in Dallas, Texas by two ambitious life-long friends with a passion for marketing and technology. Because of meaningful relationships that had been built over many years, serious clientele in the DFW metroplex trusted the business model and immediately hopped on board when the company was founded. Since then, the company has developed to deliver its services to a continually growing set of impressive clients.

The Reveal Modern Team is just getting started. Will you be a part of the success?

Meet Our Founders

Trevor Anderson Co-Founder / Partner

Trevor Anderson

Experienced beyond his years, Trevor is known for his broad set of skills that he has acquired from his accomplishments in marketing, real estate, tech, and management roles. A natural problem solver, his unique approach to setbacks allows him to quickly overcome obstacles in his way. Dedicated, relentless, and a forward-thinker, Trevor's determination to deliver above and beyond results sets him apart from the competition.


Currently a senior at the University of Mississippi with a BA in Marketing, as well as minors in both Spanish and International Studies, his academic career speaks for itself. Trevor entered college as a Provost Scholar with multiple accolades and scholarships for academic excellence, athletic involvement, and philanthropic endeavors. Trevor acquired significant leadership experience within his board of director roles with multiple on-campus student marketing organizations and as a Facility Manager of the Campus Recreation Department.


From a young age Trevor worked closely with his family on a diverse assortment of successful entrepreneurial pursuits in Photography, Film, and Web Development. Trevor developed powerful communication skills in both English and Spanish and an astute understanding for business through his work with D Magazine and various projects in Residential Real Estate. His success in digital marketing, implementing innovative strategies with brands both large and small, has allowed him to acquire unrivaled expertise and proficiency in technology.

K. Cole Feigl Co-Founder / Partner

Cole Feigl

Known for his determination and leadership ability, Cole has an extensive resume that reflects his wide range of experience in marketing and management. His undergrad years have been spent at Texas A&M, where he is currently a senior working towards a Bachelor of Science in Business and minors in Economics and Spanish. During his time in college, Cole has developed proficiency in the Spanish language while studying both domestically at school and abroad in Spain.


Cole is no stranger to leadership. At Highland Park, he was the captain of the 2013 semi-finalist Scots football team, the 2014 Scots track and field team, and served as the Vice President of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He received numerous accolades for his academic commitment and athletic involvement as a member of the National Honor Society, an AP Scholar with Distinction, and recipient of both the Tom Landry and CARE Scholarships, and well as an Eagle Scout of Troop 82.


Professionally, Cole's business savvy and technical know-how is second to none. Managing large teams in several jobs, he is all about developing efficiency and effectiveness in all areas. His marketing knowledge, combined with his immense understanding of web development, allows him to develop incredibly sophisticated strategies.

Meet Some of Our Team

Chelsea Bilbia Digital Marketing Supervisor

Chelsea Bilbia

Chelsea is described by friends as passionate, kind-hearted, hardworking, and creative. With a wide variety of skill-sets, Chelsea has succeeded throughout her attempts to broaden her knowledge and experience. As an undergraduate integrated marketing communications major and business minor student at the University of Mississippi, Chelsea is well prepared and equipped for success in the digital marketing world. Her passion for her work sets apart from many and she is known for her ability to quickly master new skills while continuing to perfect previously learned talents.


Experienced in Adobe programs, Google AdWords and Analytics, and Facebook Ads Manager, Chelsea understands how to develop and manage a robust online presence. Her expertise in digital marketing stems from her internship with the University of Mississippi Communications Department as a social media ambassador, where she specialized in content creation for the Ole Miss and developed PR campaigns to promote the University’s social media profiles. This internship inspired her interest in digital marketing and ever since she has been eager to learn as much about the field as she can.


Sabrina Colan Digital Media Supervisor

Sabrina Colan

Paving her pathway towards a future career in creative marketing and advertising, Sabrina is eager to expand her experience in an agency environment. With a serious passion for the creative world and a knack for design, analytics, and communication, her skills come together to provide a relevant, collaborative, and unique take on different tasks on hand.


Now a senior Integrated Marketing and Communications student with a specialization in media sales and management at the University of Mississippi, Sabrina is from Marietta, Ga, a city twenty-five minutes from Atlanta. After growing up close to a city she was excited to experience the small town of Oxford, Ms. knowing she will return to a big city post-grad.  Unwavering to a dream career formed at a young age, her dedicated personality reveals itself in all of her work. After receiving a certification in Google's Adwords, participating in the 2017 Google Online Marketing Challenge, working as a PR/Marketing intern for a fine jewelry company, and tag teaming with Aramark for a campus wide campaign, Sabrina is no stranger to the work the marketing and advertising world needs to thrive.

Ravi Narula Operations Manager

Ravi Narula

It has been said, that you cannot simply walk through town next to Ravi Narula without at least 3 people stopping him to catch up. Ravi's ability to communicate, organize, and lead people has gifted him the ability to work in multiple roles spanning across several industries. Meeting him for the first time would demonstrate how truly one-of-a-kind he is.


In addition to his vibrant personality, Ravi is a tirelessly hard worker. He graduated from Greenhill School, a selective, private institution in Dallas, TX. He then went on to study Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M with a minor in Cybersecurity. He has had numerous professional experiences both in small and large company settings. Ravi started his background in web development in high school, building social networks and databases as a summer internship. Ravi went on spent his past three summers with AT&T in their Technology Development Program for Technology Operations. Ravi's extracurricular experience demonstrates his more of management experience as he was an early leader on the Texas A&M Campus serving on director staff, focused on managing finances, of a Freshman Leadership Organization, FLiP, as a sophomore. In addition to FLiP, Ravi served as a Staff Assistant for The Big Event and the Student Engineers' Council. Ravi's diverse experience has afforded him many skills including Microsoft-Suite and G-Suite tools (management), HTML, JAVA, Python, Linux/Unix, and Agile methodologies from these experiences.

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